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Our signature, premier virtual mixology class experience — learn to make your favorite cocktails over a live video call with your coworkers, clients, or friends!

If you like piña coladas…you’re really going to love this.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your virtual conference, attend a fun networking event, host a party, or just want to learn a new skill that will have you the favorite go-to mixologist at your next gathering, our Private Virtual Mixology Class is for you!

Perfect for all levels: from mixology newbies to the cocktail enthusiast.
You choose which drinks you want to make & when you want to make them — we’ll take care of the rest.

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It’s as simple as
1, 2, 3 …

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    Each person on a screen counts as a guest, even if they are sharing a screen. We can always upgrade your group size later if needed.

  • 02.

    Choose the Time
    that Works For You

    Choose a time for you and your
    group to log on and get mixing.

  • 03.

    Choose Your
    Favorite Cocktails

    Browse our extensive menu and pick your favorite drinks to make during your party.

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  • What’s included?

    • live virtual mixology class with one of our Certified Fancy™ instructors
    • custom-branded recipe cards
    • easy-to-follow shopping list for your guests
    • promotional media kit, customized for your attendees
    • Zoom link (we can use another platform if you prefer)
    • free virtual technology test with your instructor before your event
    • ✓ free game add on’s for the holiday season!


    Want the full turn-key experience? You can send your guests all-inclusive cocktail kits.

  • Pick Your Poison


    Peruse our selection of mouthwatering, classic cocktails and fun, seasonal drinks — then choose the one you love best! Our drink menu includes tequila, vodka, bourbon, rum, and gin-based drinks to satisfy all palettes.

    We’ll teach both the traditional and alcoholic versions of the recipe during class so everyone can enjoy the experience.


New Besties!

Meet Your Next Certified Fancy™ Instructor

  • Sam R

    Founder & CEO of Fancy Sips, Sam teaches from her home in Nashville, Tennessee. She’s obsessed with teaching people new skills so they feel confident mixing up any drink!
  • Shannon D

    Hang out with Shannon in her great kitchen located in sunny Arizona! Shannon is a blast and full of lots of trivia and knowledge about cocktails. Need someone to brighten your day? Shannon's made for you!
  • Dominique B

    Dominique is a New York native who has always had an affinity for all things cocktails, food and travel and now hosts her virtual mixology classes from her home in New Jersey. When she's not mixing up new concoctions she's running her own PR consulting business or enjoying a change of scenery in a remote location (typically by some body of water).
  • Lindsey B

    Lindsey is originally from Nashville and loves all things social, especially when it includes a delicious drink! From Soju in South Korea to Jameson in Ireland, she has had a taste of it all, who knows what's next!?

Join the 15,000+ students who’ve elevated
their mixology skills with our virtual courses!

And still counting …



  • Diana was amazing! Seriously she made the class.
    We are are very awkward group of accountants and
    everyone had such a great time! Her cocktail trivia was great!

  • Kittie was amazing! I had her for two events. She was very engaging & asked fun questions - made learning fun and easy. I would definitely want Kittie to host a future event for us.

  • Shay was amazing! She was able to make the class fun and engaging! We had a fantastic time! She personalized the interaction calling each of us by name making it special event that we will never forget!

  • Kittie was so amazing and super informative with describing the bar tools. It was so refreshing to have a presenter that knew so much about what she was talking about and wanting to engage with the audience.

  • Diana was AMAZING! Could not recommend her enough. It was effortless and her personality was perfect for our group.


Excuse me, quick question …

  • Which drinks will I make?
    We have a wide range of amazing cocktail (& mocktail!) recipes to choose from. So whether you like it classic and simple, or bold and complex, we have a drink to compliment your event! Want something completely unique tailored for your brand? We can do that too! Just ask us about custom cocktail creations.
  • Do you ship cocktail kits?
    Great news- we’ve partnered with Cocktail Courier for all your cocktail kit needs!

    For the full turn-key experience, you can pair your Fancy Sips mixology class with the premade kits from Cocktail Courier. This means you can send fresh ingredients, pre-bottled ingredients, bar tools, and even liquor to your guests before your Fancy Sips class. If you are interested in ordering cocktail kits please reach out to our partners [email protected] or [email protected] (don’t forget to use promo code FSIPS10 to receive 10% off all of your kits!). Their team will be able to answer any further kit questions you may have and help complete your order.

    When you book your Fancy Sips mixology class, simply write ‘Cocktail Courier Kits’ where it asks for your cocktail selection and we’ll get the details from you later.  
  • What ingredients will I need?
    Ingredients will vary based on the delicious cocktail(s) you select. Typically, our cocktails keep it simple with fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, sugar, and even some spices. Don’t worry though — a custom ingredient list will be sent out to you with plenty of time for you to collect all the items you need for your creations.

    P.S. We make sure that all of our ingredients are simple & easy to find at the grocery store!
  • What bar tools will I need?
    This can vary depending on your cocktail choice but typically a cocktail shaker, muddle, jigger, and juicer can come in handy. Don’t have any bar tools? No worries! We will teach you tricks to take those everyday kitchen tools (like mason jars and wooden spoons) and make them your own DIY bar set. In your media kit, we include a guide that you can pass along to your guests so they can have tools ready for the class.
  • What does a class look like?
    We love to customize a class for all of your needs & preferred class length.

    Typically, a class includes a bar tool tutorial, garnish prep, a Q&A section, and the drink tutorials! We also like to throw in fun facts, trivia, and our custom playlists to make your virtual party one to remember!
  • How do your group sizes work?
    Our prices are based on group size. The group size includes everyone in your party, even if they are sharing one screen. We do have some leeway though, so no worries if your party of 20 turns into a party of 21, that 1 is on us! We're cool.
  • Do you offer pre-recorded classes?
    We sure do! If you'd like to have a professionally recorded & edited class, we can make that happen. Our pre-recorded class packages also include promo photos, a media kit, and trailer videos to promote the event. These start at $1,200 for up to 15 minutes.
  • Does the price change based on length of class?
    The great news is that you get to choose your class length. One of our Certified Fancy™ mixology class instructors will join your group for a 30, 45, 60, 75, or 90-minute video chat (we'll send you a Zoom link after you book your class). The longer your class, the more time you'll have to sip & socialize. There is no price difference based on group size.

    Choose up to 1 cocktail if your class is 30, 45, or 60 minutes. 
    Choose up to 2 cocktails if your class is 45, 60, or 75 minutes. 
    Choose up to 3 cocktails if your class is 75 or 90 minutes. 
  • Corporate Events


    We’ve worked with hundreds of event planners to execute flawless virtual corporate events. If you’re looking to shake up (see what we did there?) your next team-building event, client pitch, or virtual conference- we’re your gals. Whether you’ve got 5 guests or 500- we have a class style that fits your needs.



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