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  • How much does a private mixology party cost?

    Our signature, premier virtual mixology class experience — learn to make your favorite cocktails over a live video call with your coworkers, clients, or friends!



    Up to 10 guests – $450
    Up to 20 guests – $550
    Up to 30 guests – $650
    Up to 40 guests – $750
    Up to 50 guests – $800
    Up to 60 guests – $900
    Up to 75 guests – $1,000
    Up to 100 guests – $1,400
    Up to 200 guests – $1,900
    Up to 300 guests – $2,500
    Up to 500 guests – $3,000
    Up to 1,000 guests – $4,000

  • What drinks will I make in a private class?

    We have a wide range of amazing cocktail (& mocktail!) recipes to choose from. So whether you like it classic and simple, or bold and complex, we have a drink to compliment your event! Want something completely unique tailored for your brand? We can do that too! Just ask us about custom cocktail creations.


  • What ingredients will I need?

    Ingredients will vary based on the delicious cocktail(s) you select. Typically, our cocktails keep it simple with fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, sugar, and even some spices. Don’t worry though — a custom ingredient list will be sent out to you with plenty of time for you to collect all the items you need for your creations.

    P.S. We make sure that all of our ingredients are simple & easy to find at the grocery store!

  • Will the instructor be available to answer any questions I have during the live class?

    Your instructor will be available to answer any questions during the course, whether through email or during the webinar itself via the chat box. The instructors will vary based on each class and if you have any questions, they would be happy to help!

  • Will I need to be on camera?

    That’s really up to you! The classes are extra fun when we can see everyone, but you don’t need to be on camera if that’s outside your comfort level.

  • Can I order cocktail kits?

    Great news- we’ve partnered with Cocktail Courier for all your cocktail kit needs!

    For the full turn-key experience, you can pair your Fancy Sips mixology class with the premade kits from Cocktail Courier. This means you can send fresh ingredients, pre-bottled ingredients, bar tools, and even liquor to your guests before your Fancy Sips class. If you are interested in ordering cocktail kits please reach out to our partners at Cocktail Courier ([email protected]). Their team will be able to answer any further kit questions you may have and help complete your order.

    When you book your Fancy Sips mixology class, simply write ‘Cocktail Courier Kits’ where it asks for your cocktail selection and we’ll get the details from you later.

  • What bar tools will I need?

    This can vary depending on your cocktail choice but typically a cocktail shaker, muddle, jigger, and juicer can come in handy. Don’t have any bar tools? No worries! We will teach you tricks to take those everyday kitchen tools (like mason jars and wooden spoons) and make them your own DIY bar set. In your media kit, we include a guide that you can pass along to your guests so they can have tools ready for the class.

  • How can we make the class as interactive as possible?

    Need something extra for your upcoming holiday class?  We have a whole list of games you can add to any fancy sips class. Check out our free add-ons. 


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